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Lucky Charms

Oct. 25th, 2008
My friend and his Thai wife and I went looking for new Lucky Charms and Mystical Amulets. We visited several Buddhist temples around Lopburi, Thailand. We didn’t find any interesting Lucky Charms but we did discover a unusual temple. It was built into the side of a mountain. The man made temple itself was only about 60 years old, but the caves have been there for who knows how long. People who live there say that wandering monks have been staying in the caves there in solitude and meditation for many, many years. Caves lead off from the temple itself and at intervals has Buddha statues and places to worship. There are bats everywhere hanging off the roofs. The abbot there says that there are so many bats, that in the evening when they go out to feed, it takes about 2 hours for them to all get out. Here are some photo’s of this temple. It has a long Thai name, but I just call it the “Bat Temple”.

Boxed set of 5 from Wat Khao Wong

Black Jatukarm – Wat Sing

9 Deva (angels) - Wat Khao Lang
Jatukarm – Wat Khao Wong

Good Luck Charms are a way of life in Thailand and Southeast Asia. These people believe that when chants and prayers are spoken to these charms, the spirits invoked will reciprocate to the owner of the charm or amulet, Good Luck and Protection from harm. Is this possible? It doesn’t cost much to find out and May be well worth the money.

Thailand with its 60 million +/- people are very spiritual and superstitious.
Almost all Thai people you meet wear a Good Luck Charm or Magical Amulet on a necklace around their neck. Which kind of Charm or Amulet they wear normally, but not always, depends on several things: The part of country their come from and/or their occupation. They wear these Good Luck Charms and Magical Amulets either for Good Luck and Prosperity or Protection. Sometimes these Charms and Amulets serve both situations.

The Basic Question of course is;
Do these Good Luck Charms and Magical Amulets work? Do they bring Good Luck and/or offer protection? A large number of Thai people swear they do. Many Thai’s attribute their winning the lottery, getting a major promotion or finding their soul mate because of the power in these Good Luck Charms/Magical Amulets. Many Thai people claim they were saved from being harmed in a major accident and many Thai policemen claimed to having been saved in a sticky situation from being either shot or stabbed because of the power in these Good Luck Charms/Magical Amulets.

So, do they “Really” work?
I know only this for sure. I have never seen a Thai soldier without one, a Thai policeman without one and every month when someone wins the Thai lottery, the person winning swears to everyone, that they won because of the power in their Good Luck Charm or Magical Amulet.

If your looking for Good Luck Charms or Magic Amulets, then you've come to the right place
p.s. I wear one and I won a small lottery once and haven’t been shot yet. :-)

These three Good Luck Charms priced at: $105.00 ea. * mention in comment section at paypal which one you want.

Free Shipping

Tuesday - 10/28/08
I just discover a couple of new amulets for you to choose from.Phra Somdej with Phra Sivalee on the back. Made by Luang Por Kuey of Wat Kositaram. Phra Sivalee is known for bringing Good Luck and Wealth. Priced at $90.00, Metal Case included, Free Shipping.

The second one I found is Phra Bikhanesuan(Ganesha). This Good Luck charm was made at Devasthon Bost Brahma temple. It is made from crushed red temple roof tiles, incense ashes from Karachi, India, Sandlewood ashes and holy water from 3 sources: 220 year old holy water from Rattanakosin, 110 year old holy water from a Brahma temple and water from the Ganges river in India. Many guru monks chanted in the making of this amulet including Luang Por Hong of Surin. Ganesha is the God of Wisdom and Successfulness. Priced at $100.00 with Metal case and Free Shipping.

The Phra Buddha Kwack, from Luang Por Tae of Wat Sam Ngam. It’s made of Sacred Clays and Pong Ply Kuman. (Sacred Ashes) This amulet is to wear for Good Luck and Wealth.
Size: 1” x 1 ½” approx. Metal Case included. Free Shipping

$115.00 usd

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