Thursday, June 3, 2010

Good Luck Charm - Amulet

I’ve got something new for everybody.. Wat Khao Lang is now making a beautiful amulet. It’s called Phra Mahachackrapat. You can see it on this poster. It’s a metal amulet/charm, approx. 1” wide and 2” tall. It’s made with to wear on a necklace. It comes in a red velvet box with a signed paper from Ajahn Daeng the abbot of Wat Khao Lang. The amulet/charm will also be blessed by him. On the back of the amulet/charm is a Pali blessing, asking the Angels and other Dieties in the heavens to bless the wearer of this amulet/charm. On the front is a place for your birthday. The month, day, year and whether you were born in the morning or afternoon. Also what day of the week you were born. If you don’t know the day of the week, no problem, we can figure it out. The proceeds of this purchase will go to the temple building fund. We are in the process of building a new Sala ( a worship hall), a new dining room and a new small building to house overnight visitors. If you would like to have a new Lucky Charm/amulet, this would be a good time. We will only make so many. About a thousand, is what I hear. We are asking $45.00 and offering free shipping to the U.S. and Canada. Thank you and bless you in advance…

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Good Luck Charms

It's been awhile since I've put anything on this blog. But I just found a really great new Good Luck Charm.

Luang Phor Jan Stingray Fish Takrut
(Good Luck Charm)

Lp Jan khantiko who is 81 years old stays in Kampong Tom, Cambodia.
He is very powerful and strong in Khmer and Cambodian knowledge of wicha magic and spell chanting.

Luang phor Jan is the only Cambodia monk who made this type of takrut using Cambodian/Khmer magic.

The amazing super natural powers of a takrut gives blessings for protection, invulnerability, and good fortune. Inside the stingray fish skin is a thin sheet of copper with magical Khmer writing on it.

It is blessed to bring you luck for:

1) Strong gambling luck , have six sense in lottery.
2) Money will be kept and keep flowing in.
3) Become super-successful in sales and/or marketing.
5) Your capacity to earn, hold and grow money expands day by day.
6) Money opportunity will come your way.
7) Be in a Winning Mood all day long
8) Never be in debt.
9) Able to find a business or career that expresses your gift and allows you to create wealth.
10) Gambling luck and windfall.

Just wear this takrut for super good luck and wealth. It really could not be easier!!!

This good luck charm comes from Thailand, so please wait for delivery of approx. 3 weeks. I have only a few pieces of this Lucky Charm. So please hurry..

Price: $165.00

Free delivery in the U.S.